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Revenue Model

The NovoTHOR® Whole-Body Light Pod has the potential to create a significant source of new revenue for an existing facility and a robust business model for a standalone practice.

The Revenue projections are based on NovoTHOR therapy times of 10 - 12 minutes/session which allows a maximum of 3 - 4 sessions per hour. The revenue projections below show very conservative sessions per day and a resulting revenue per week, per month and per year.

These projections are only a guide, as revenue performance can vary widely based on the location, hours of operations and services provided.

  4 Sessions/Day
(28 per Week)
6 Sessions/Day
(42 per Week)
10 Sessions/Day
(70 per Week)
Rate per Session Revenue per Week Revenue per Week Revenue per Week
$55 $1,540 $2,310 $3,850
$75 $2,100 $3,150 $5,250
$95 $2,660 $3,990 $6,650
  4 Sessions/Day
(120 per Month)
6 Sessions/Day
(180 per Month)
10 Sessions/Day
(300 per Month)
Rate per Session Revenue per Month Revenue per Month Revenue per Month
$55 $6,600 $9,900 $16,500
$75 $9,000 $13,500 $22,500
$95 $11,400 $17,100 $28,500
  4 Sessions/Day
(1,460 per Year)
6 Sessions/Day
(2,190 per Year)
10 Sessions/Day
(3,650 per Year)
Rate per Session Revenue per Year Revenue per Year Revenue per Year
$55 $80,300 $120,450 $200,750
$75 $109,500 $164,250 $273,750
$95 $138,700 $208,050 $346,750

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Healthier Bottomline

Josh Crawford

"We currently have 3 THOR LX2 spot therapy units and 2 NovoTHOR pods, and we are taking pain management and systemic treatments to the next level.

In only 8 months of operation our customer base has risen to just over 600 patients, with 80% being referral service, and 20% being from our radio advertisements.

Unlike most of the light therapy companies in the world, no one actually understands the dosage and power requirements as well as James Carroll and his crew at THOR."

Josh Crawford
Genoa Laser Therapy

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