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Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM Therapy)

NovoTHOR: Elite Sports 2016 Innovation of the Year Winner AwardPBM Therapy - previously known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - is the application of red/near-infrared light to tissue where there is degeneration or injury, to improve repair and reduce inflammation/pain. Click here for samples of published research

PBM Therapy appears too good to be true as it does many things, but really it does just one thing and it does it very well and that is, it reduces oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is accepted as the underlying trigger for most diseases and degenerative conditions. It is also a component in the inflammatory phase of acute and chronic injuries.

Unlike drugs and surgery, PBM Therapy

  • actually promotes regeneration
  • reduces inflammation and pain
  • is non toxic
  • is non invasive
  • has no side effects

Over 400 Randomised Controlled Trials have been published using PBM Therapy devices, and the technology has featured in over 4,000 laboratory studies. PBM Therapy is used in thousands of clinics, hospitals and elite sports institutions in over 70 nations.

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What is NovoTHOR?

NovoTHOR: The whole-body light pod using Photobiomodulation TherapyThe NovoTHOR is a whole body delivery system of PBM Therapy that has been designed to deliver optimal wavelengths, power densities and dosages based on published clinical research outcomes.

The advantage of the NovoTHOR is it works on the whole body in just 8-15 minutes. Regular sessions have been shown to contribute to reduction of pain, improved muscle performance and reduction of muscle fatigue.

The intended uses of the NovoTHOR are to redevelop muscles, or restore motion to joints, or for use as an adjunct treatment for obesity.

The Treatment

The NovoTHOR is safe, relaxing and has no negative side effects. Clients are supplied with safety goggles and then relax into the NovoTHOR treatment pod for 8 - 15 minutes of whole-body restorative light treatment. The treatment may be repeated two or more times a week.

Client Uptake

Clients are consistently surprised by their first NovoTHOR experience. A course of 10 treatments typically spurs a decision to book further treatments. Client feedback highlights a wide range of health benefits including rapid recovery from acute injury, increased athletic performance, reduction of chronic inflammatory pain, improved sleep, reduced signs of aging, increased strength and less fatty tissue.

Earning Power

The NovoTHOR is a wellness system that perpetuates its own success. It delivers an enjoyable experience to clients leading to repeat business. NovoTHOR owners experience growth in their client base, due to word-of-mouth referrals from previous happy customers.

Customer Support

THOR provides full product training, marketing assistance, promotional materials and ongoing product support ensuring maximum program success.

About THOR

THOR is a market leader in PBM Therapy. Our products and expertise ensures we deliver the right power density and optimal dose. Every product is built to last and thoroughly tested for quality and reliable performance. THOR partners with leading Universities, publishes in peer reviewed medical journals and presents at all the major PBM Therapy conferences. We have over 3,000 customers in pioneering clinics and hospitals in more than 70 countries. We are the only company with FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada and NATO clearance for our medical products.

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Happier Clients

Perry Ekstrand, DDS

"The last 20 years I have suffered moderate to severe pain in my neck, shoulders and hips due to the stress of my profession. I have tried massage, chiropractic, energy therapy, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories, and you name it to get me out of pain and it's cost me 1000's of dollars.

After a few sessions on the NovoTHOR I started to feel relief. I had 14 sessions in all and have considerable relief from all my symptoms. My wife asked me the other day how I was feeling as she had not heard me complain or moan when I rolled over in my sleep or groan when I get out of bed. I estimate a 70% improvement and have booked 4 more weeks to continue on this wonderful journey to health.

I also rode 70 miles in a recent bike festival and felt great. A side benefit is that I had a dry, itchy spot in my ear for which I have tried various creams to keep the itch away. The itchiness and dryness has improved and I no longer require creams, or much less think about it. And now wife says I'm looking younger too!"

Perry Ekstrand, DDS
Lady Lake Florida

Healthier Bottomline

Josh Crawford

"We currently have 3 THOR LX2 spot therapy units and 2 NovoTHOR pods, and we are taking pain management and systemic treatments to the next level.

In only 8 months of operation our customer base has risen to just over 600 patients, with 80% being referral service, and 20% being from our radio advertisements.

Unlike most of the light therapy companies in the world, no one actually understands the dosage and power requirements as well as James Carroll and his crew at THOR."

Josh Crawford
Genoa Laser Therapy

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