Committed to leading

THOR have been leaders in the field of photobiomodulation (PBM) since 1991.

Our Vision is for LLLT/Photobiomodulation Therapy to be in every department of every hospital, every doctor's office (clinic) and every home. For drug free pain relief and better healing through 'best in class' photomedicine products and services.

Praveen Arany, James D. Carroll (CEO, THOR Photomedicine), and Annette Quinn give a Congressional Briefing on photobiomodulation and the opioid crisis on Capitol Hill, Washington C.D.

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. — James D. Carroll (CEO, THOR Photomedicine) Briefing the US House Committee on Space, Science & Technology about PBM as a pain management tool in the midst of the opioid crisis

James Carroll is unusual in people who own photobiomodulation companies in that he is an expert on the literature
Dr Michael Hamblin, PhD — Harvard Medical School

Committed to research

Regularly collaborating with professors, researchers, and doctors since 1991

Our history and commitment in the field of Photobiomodulation is unmatched. We have contributed to 51 academic papers, collaborated with 6 Harvard Medical research groups and 30 other universities globally. We continually provide advice to both private and government institutions on the application and mechanics of PBM.

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Journal of Neutrotrauma
Dose-Response Journal
Annals of Biomedical Engineering

Committed to progress

Making PBM available to those who need it most

Our decades long commitment has given us an unmatched understanding of every aspect of PBM, which is why Universities, not-for-profit organisations and the US government have chosen to partner with us and champion the cause of making PBM reimbursable in the US — starting with Oral Mucositis, but with an end goal of using PBM as a non-pharmaceutical pain management tool, to prevent the unnecessary use of opioids and NSAIDs.

October 11 2018, Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. — James Carroll (CEO, THOR Photomedicine) briefs the United States congress on the promise of photobiomodulation.

United Nations — James Carroll (CEO, THOR Photomedicine) addressing the United Nations Global Health Impact Forum about the uses of Photobiomodulation

Committed to education

Our training is is considered the best in the world

We train government bodies, sports teams, researchers, clinicians, and anyone who is committed to healing. We have presented at the United Nations, Capitol Hill, and Harvard Medical School to decision makers and subject matter experts and our training is continually updated to ensure you are receiving the best training possible.

Doctors, nurses and clinicians learn about the underlying mechanisms of photobiomodulation in a training course. Learn more about our training courses

Doctors, nurses and clinicians learn about the underlying mechanisms of photobiomodulation in a training course. Learn more about our training courses.

Committed to excellence

We partner with industry leading experts

Our expertise is in the science of PBM, from the physics of light distribution, to the dosimetry and underlying mechanisms. We partner closely with cutting edge manufacturers who are dedicated to ensuring our product meet our strict requirements for light distribution, wavelength, and dosing.

Vermont — James Carroll discusses NovoTHOR development and testing with senior engineers

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