Train harder,
without the downsides.

NovoTHOR® increases muscle performance, treats muscle and joints, and increases blood flow — making more oxygen available. It allows coaches to increase training intensity and for athletes to push their limits.

Treat the machine

The body is a system, not a set of individual parts. Injuring your leg puts additional strain on your back. NovoTHOR treats the entire system in just 15 minutes, quickly and comfortably.

The NovoTHOR whole body light pod

Stay on the field

By treating the whole body, NovoTHOR helps keep athletes injury free — treating all the small problems that are easily ignored and shrugged off.

Olympic athletes

Olympic coach Dennis Mitchell and Olympians Justin Gatlin, Murielle Ahouré and Kaylin Witney talk about their experiences with NovoTHOR and how the it arrived at a key time for the Olympic Trials.

Galen Rupp

Olympic Silver Medal
Rio Olympics

Jordan Hasay

Record Holder
Chicago Marathon

Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Matt Centrowitz

Matt Centrowitz

Olympic Gold Medal
Rio Olympics

38% more force

Patients treated with PBM were able to generate, on average, 38% more force (64.14 N.m.) than those that received a placebo treatment (46.52 N.m.)

“We obtained significant increases in the [rep] capacity of the volunteers who received treatment with PBMT“

PMID 28054262

Exercised 19% longer

Competitive cyclists increased the average time they could exercise before reaching exhaustion by 19% when treated with PBM (177s) when compared with cyclists that received a placebo (149s)

“Phototherapy increased time-to-exhaustion in competitive cyclists“

PMID 28054262

42% less DOMS

Recipients of PBM suffered from significantly less from DOMS than those that were given a placebo treatment, measured on the visual analgoue scale

PMID 28054262


Trials were completed using THOR hand-held products. THOR did not fund these trials, nor did THOR compensate the researchers, participants, or anyone else involved in any way — financially or otherwise.

Combat ready

US Special forces use NovoTHOR for enhancing soldier readiness and as component of training. It helps keep soldiers injury free and lets them train at higher intensities.


Both US Special Forces and Professional athletes have been integrating the NovoTHOR into their day to day regimen for increasing their edge and keeping themselves in peak readiness

Olympic sprinter training after NovoTHOR session
Athlete training with medicine ball after NovoTHOR session

Loved by performance specialists

Red Light doesn't just improve physical performance 💪. It also prevents the onset of muscle soreness and fatigue 😓 after workouts. Red Light Therapy is clinically-proven to speed and enhance muscle recovery and growth. 🤩❤️

December 2019

NovoTHOR is also great for your mind. The session naturally increases blood flow helping fresh oxygen get to your entire body, including your head, helping muscles relax and your mind gently slip into a state of pleasant serenity.

October 2019

NovoTHOR repairs various kinds of skin damage, speeds recovery from injury, and it also reduces systemic #inflammation. Overall, NovoTHOR alleviates the pain we are feeling on a day-to-day basis. #pdx #portland #health #wellness #Oregon

September 2019

"Over a period of 10 weeks, I've been able to reduce my pain relief to eventually nothing." Learn more about how Jo relieved her chronic back pain and sciatica with #NovoTHOR!

August 2019

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