THOR Photomedicine have been relentless researchers and product developers of PBM therapy for 27 years.

We have contributed to 51 academic papers, collaborated with 6 Harvard Medical research groups and 30 other universities globally. We are committed to drug free pain relief and better healing through 'best in class' photomedicine products and services.

A scientific background

We have co-authored papers that set industry standards on dose, and have written seminal papers on the PBM dose response relationship and effective dose rates, [1] [2] and have co-authored books on PBM therapy and its applications with Harvard Professors. [3]

We make scientific presentations at most major PBM conferences and we presented at United Nations Global Impact Forum. THOR Photomedicine's CEO, James Carroll, is described by Professor Michael R. Hamblin of Harvard Medical School as "the world's leading authority in Photobiomodulation."

Unmatched expertise, unmatched power.

Our decades long commitment has given us an unmatched understanding of every aspect of PBM, from the physics of light [4] [5] and the engineering of PBM devices, to the underlying biochemistry of PBM. [6] This understanding was poured into NovoTHOR, to create a device that is completely unmatched for power, dose and dose distribution.

The PBM industry is filled with companies and individuals who misunderstand both the basic physics of light as well as the biomechanics of PBM. Misconceptions of how to measure real world light output has lead to incorrect information as to power per cm2 and product designs with poor distribution of light.

NovoTHOR was designed from day one to ensure the entire surface area is emitting light at an intensity proven in hundreds of RCTs to penetrate and be effective. It was designed with decades of experience in beam profiles, distribution of light, and many other aspects which lead to an effective product that generates unrivalled outcomes.

Made in the USA

We manufacture and assemble NovoTHOR in the United States. By leveraging the innovative power of an industry leading LED specialists, we're able to build a product that is staggeringly powerful and that will last for years to come.

Setting standards

NovoTHOR is designed and manufactured to comply with both US and international standards, including GMP and Medical Device standards. NovoTHOR is also listed with the FDA. For a full list of standards that the NovoTHOR is compliant with, please click here.

Photobiomodulation, made easy

The technology inside NovoTHOR is complex. But using it is easy. Effective PBM requires an advanced understanding of EM physics, biochemistry, and engineering. But we have done the hard work through years of research and development — reducing the administration of the therapy to just a couple of buttons.

Unparalleled results

The result is a product that is giving healthcare practitioners, performance coaches, and wellness centres easy access to extraordinary results and is fundamentally changing their approach to managing their client's health. NovoTHOR is already in place at many pro athlete facilities, including NBA, NFL, MLB, Premier Division Football, NHL and Olympic training facilities — so coaches can train their elite athletes harder and longer with faster, better recovery.


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Healthier Bottomline

Josh Crawford

"We currently have 3 THOR LX2 spot therapy units and 2 NovoTHOR pods, and we are taking pain management and systemic treatments to the next level.

In only 8 months of operation our customer base has risen to just over 600 patients, with 80% being referral service, and 20% being from our radio advertisements.

Unlike most of the light therapy companies in the world, no one actually understands the dosage and power requirements as well as James Carroll and his crew at THOR."

Josh Crawford
Genoa Laser Therapy

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